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Experience Leadership: Join TigerLive Entertainment


By Alana Deany, junior communication major

Every Monday night, student leaders in TigerLive Entertainment buzz with chatter and excitement as they discuss plans for the semester.

Clemson University’s TigerLive is a student-run organization that strives to create fun and free events for students. The organization is run by the students, for the students, which allows leaders to emerge and make a difference on and off campus.

“The thing that is unique that TigerLive brings to the University is that it is fully student-run,” said Rashawn McKenzie, assistant adviser to TigerLive. “Students are able to come in, take part in whatever they want to plan, and we just give them the necessary tools they need to go out and do that. So, no matter what kind of event they want to plan, it’s their choice.”

McKenzie is a second-year graduate student in the Master of Education in Student Affairs program from Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. He collaborates with Myjia Haynes, TigerLive president and a senior marketing major from Bamberg, South Carolina.

Rashawn McKenzie and Myjia Haynes pictured together inside Hendrix Student Center
Assistant adviser, Rashawn McKenzie (left), and president Myjia Haynes, work closely with each other regarding all things TigerLive Entertainment.

McKenzie and Haynes work closely with one another to ensure the success of all things TigerLive. As a result of their involvement in TigerLive, they both have a sense of pride in the impact it has made on Clemson.

“I love to help plan the events, but the actual impact it has on the school is really something, and I think that is what most event planners really treasure,” McKenzie said.

As such, the success of the events make it all worthwhile.

“The things we do and the outcomes of the events are wonderful,” Haynes said. “People are so happy, and it makes me happy.”

TigerLive is an organization where students can feel included, whether that is by joining the organization or attending its events.

“We as an organization try to focus on a lot of things, and one of the main things is diversity and making sure that everybody feels equal,” Haynes shared. “It is very important because we as a whole say we include everybody, and when we say everybody, we mean everybody.”

TigerLive has made diversity a reality by putting on a variety of events to reach all students. These range from on-campus events such as karaoke, movies at McKissick Theatre and Moonlight Breakfast to off-campus excursions like a Charlotte Hornets vs. Los Angeles Lakers basketball game.

There’s something for everyone, including their ninth annual Drag Show, which will take place April 9 from 9-11 p.m. in Memorial Auditorium.

“Be prepared for glitz and glam and excitement,” Haynes said. “You are going to be curious as to what happens next, you’re going to be jumping off your seat, and you’re going to want it to happen all over again.”

Events like the Drag Show allow students to try new things and at the same time make new memories. As a result, McKenzie believes student organizations are important because they enhance the Clemson experience.

Rashawn McKenzie and Myjia Haynes work closely with members of TigerLive Entertainment during their weekly meeting
McKenzie and Haynes collaborate with TigerLive members about the April 9 Drag Show during their weekly meeting.

“TigerLive is my favorite part of the Clemson experience,” McKenzie said. “It’s taught me about entirely new traditions and really what it means to be a Tiger. To put on events that hopefully impact the student body, and so while I get to learn more about this institution, I also get to celebrate what I’m learning by putting on these events and helping people connect and grow from the activities that we do.”

Overall, organizations like TigerLive are just one reason why the Clemson Family is strong amongst Tigers.

“TigerLive means family. When you join TigerLive, realize you’re joining a family, and you’re joining a part of your future at that point,” Haynes explained. “If you’re looking for another place like home or you’re looking for familiars or you’re looking for people who are willing to love you unconditionally, then this is the organization for you because we are supporting you in each and every way.”

To become involved in student organizations at Clemson University, visit the Center for Student Leadership and Engagement.

To learn more about TigerLive Entertainment, reach out to or visit their Instagram @cutigerlive to learn more about their events.