Empowering future generations: Cornerstone gift to Student Affairs continues to move Clemson fiercely forward


The compassion, service and philanthropy of Bo and Donna Gossett continue to pave the way for student success at Clemson University. Their visionary establishment of a $2.5 million Academic Cornerstone Gift, the first Cornerstone gift exclusively dedicated to the Division of Student Affairs, reflects their passion for helping others succeed. By investing in initiatives that directly impact the well-being and growth of Clemson students, Bo and Donna are not only affecting individual lives but also strengthening the impact that graduating Tigers can have across our state and beyond.

More than 28,000 undergraduate and graduate students are supported every day through Student Affairs. This division strives to provide every Clemson student with the best opportunity to grow and excel in school, outside the classroom and after graduation with a world-class education. Beyond their time at Clemson, the division ensures that students feel empowered and capable of maintaining success in each of their unique individual journeys.

“As our latest Academic Cornerstone Partners, Bo and Donna Gossett are making a significant and lasting impact in the lives of our Tigers,” said University President Jim Clements. “The Gossetts’ endowment will directly support our strategic plan, Clemson Elevate, and is a commitment to creating the No. 1 student experience in the country. Their gift is an investment into the lives of our students for many years to come. We are thrilled that Bo and Donna are part of the Clemson Family and are grateful for their dedication to supporting our Tigers.”

Beyond the Gossetts’ financial commitment, Bo continues to stay involved as a volunteer with the Division of Student Affairs. “Their genuine care and understanding of the challenges they face help shape our efforts in providing the No. 1 student experience,” shared Dr. Chris Miller, vice president for Student Affairs and dean of students. Their Cornerstone gift will support the first pillar of Clemson Elevate, the University’s 10-year strategic plan, which is to deliver the No. 1 student experience in the nation. For Bo and Donna, this dedication to supporting an inclusive, engaged and healthy Clemson Family comes from his personal family background.

Gathered outside of the President and First Lady’s home from left to right is Prosser Carnegie, his wife Currie Gossett Carnegie, Bo Gossett, Donna Gossett, Janie Gossett Marchbanks ’05 and her husband David Marchbanks.

As the third-generation owner of Gossett Concrete Pipe Company (GCPC), Bo Gossett continues a tradition of excellence at the helm of a company that celebrates 80 years of service to companies and residents across the Upstate and beyond. The Gossetts’ younger daughter, Janie Gossett Marchbanks 05, earned her degree in graphic communications at Clemson University and works in the fourth-generation family company along with her husband and company president, David Marchbanks, who holds a business degree from the University of South Carolina. 

The Gossetts’ older daughter, Currie Gossett Carnegie, is a Wofford alumna who earned her MBA from the University of Georgia. Her husband, Prosser Carnegie, also a Wofford College alumnus, earned his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of Georgia, and now serves as vice president of operations in the family business. Currie owns and operates a Pilates studio, C.O.R.E. Grow Strong. Following in Bo and Donna’s footsteps, the Carnegies and Marchbanks are actively building GCPC for the fifth generation and beyond. Presently, that fifth generation includes five grandchildren who make Bo and Donna immensely proud.

Pictured from left to right is Donna Gossett and her husband, Bo Gossett.

As the Gossetts remain committed to helping others through philanthropy, their support of Clemson reflects their faith in God and humble desire to show compassion toward all. “Through my involvement with Student Affairs over the years, I’ve seen first-hand the dedication to the well-being of our students, especially those who need it the most. That’s why we wanted to support this effort. There was nothing we wanted more than to put resources where it would make a difference in the lives of our students,” said Bo. And Donna agrees, “This completely supports our goals in philanthropy as a family.”

Many students may not realize who is behind the efforts to provide them with the best student experience in the nation, but that wasn’t the goal for the Gossetts. Their gift comes from a place of generosity and dedication to the Clemson Experience. The Gossetts want nothing more than for students to have the resources they need for learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom through Clemson.  “Through their generosity, Bo and Donna Gossett are shaping the future of Clemson University and empowering students to become leaders, researchers and global citizens who make a difference,” says Vice President of Advancement Brian O’Rourke.

Bo knew that being involved in student affairs would be the perfect opportunity for him to make a difference in the lives of students in need. He developed a passion for making sure that all students have the opportunity to succeed.

As students benefit from unrestricted endowment funds, they are empowered to step into the world and make lasting differences through their student journeys and beyond. “This gift will continue to support the efforts of our students by sustaining and driving a special culture of excellence that defines Clemson,” said Ashley McCollum, student-body president at Clemson. “The Gossett family, along with other generous donors, consistently cultivate a student-first environment, empowering us to implement innovative ideas and pursue groundbreaking discoveries.”

The Gossetts’ legacy of philanthropy and involvement at Clemson and in their community will continue inspiring and empowering students for generations to come. It is because of their efforts and presence that students will be supported throughout their time at Clemson and feel prepared to take the next steps in life outside of college. As we reflect on the Gossetts’ inspiring legacy of giving to others and empowering our student community, let us take action in serving others, both at Clemson University and beyond.

Next to The Tiger, from left to right stands Bo Gossett, Donna Gossett, First Lady Beth Clements and President Jim Clements posing together outside of their on campus home.
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