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Employee timekeeping and leave during hazardous weather


The Office of Human Resources provides the following guidance for hazardous weather:

  • For faculty, staff and student workers, your supervisor is your first point of contact regarding expectations for work during a hazardous weather event.
    • Employees designated as essential for the purposes of maintaining essential or critical services during hazardous weather are to report to work. This may include working remotely, as directed by their supervisor. Employees required to track worked time who work during the closing should log their time using regular time tracking methods. If an employee cannot log time electronically for any reason, the employee should track their time manually. When they are able to do so, they should either log their time worked or send it to their supervisor or timekeeper to input for them.
    • Employees with a state-approved telecommuting agreement/remote work plan are expected to work remotely when an office is closed due to weather, even if they were scheduled to be in the office during the times of the office closures.
    • All other employees should follow the closing determinations.
  • Leave-eligible employees who miss work time due to closure/delay for hazardous weather should wait for further guidance from the Office of the Governor before entering accrued leave into Kronos. Employees should note the emergency closure using a placeholder Time Off Request for “Emergency Closing.” Clemson’s Office of Human Resources will share additional guidance when available.
A screenshot of the Kronos time-off request screen with a circle highlighting leave titled "Emergency Closing."
  • Employees without leave who miss work due to a closure or delay for hazardous weather should work with their supervisor to create a plan for making up missed time.