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Doctoral student named Teaching Assistant of the Semester by undergraduates


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Joshua Saliutama
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Joshua Saliutama, a graduate teaching assistant in the Department of Genetics and Biochemistry, was named the Fall 2022 Teaching Assistant of the Semester by the Clemson Undergraduate Student Government (CUSG) in January. The award recognizes Saliutama’s outstanding work as a TA, his passion for genetics, and his contribution to the quality of education at Clemson.

Josh treats us with respect and treats us as young professionals who he believes have so much potential… He has been a great support for us.

Student Nomination submitted to the Clemson Undergraduate Student Government

He says his philosophy focuses on getting to know his students and curating a teaching style to fit their needs. The enthusiasm and personal connections are evident in how Josh’s students talk about him.

In the nominations submitted by students, Saliutama is described as “one of the best TAs I’ve had at Clemson. Before lab, he gave detailed lectures to make us feel confident in the concepts and the procedure we were doing. Throughout the lab, he would consistently check up on each group and answer any questions with thorough responses. How he spoke about the material made me very excited and want to learn about the subject….” Another student said, “It was clear that he took his role as a TA seriously and did a great job. He wanted us to succeed, but he still pushed us. He was also very encouraging and brought great energy to the class.”

Saliutama first came to Clemson as a doctoral student in August 2017 and has served as a graduate teaching assistant for the past two years. After graduation this summer, he plans to work in biotech and hopes to stay in the Clemson area.