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Deloitte extends job offers to 11 ‘market-ready’ students in MGT 4970


Dean Wendy York’s commitment to the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business producing market-ready graduates has been lived out in a Department of Management class this semester.

Eleven students from Ryan Toole’s MGT 4970 class have received full-time job offers from global professional services giant Deloitte Consulting LLP before receiving their diplomas from Clemson University.

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Ann Carter

“These are incredibly top-notch job offers from Deloitte,” Toole, a senior lecturer, said. “It’s always exciting when students get a job offer, but when they receive business consultant offers in Deloitte’s commercial and government sectors during these uncertain economic times, it’s really special.”

MGT 4970 is a management consultant class comprised of junior and senior students, primarily business majors, but also a smattering of engineering students.

“The class gives students an understanding of what it means to be a management consultant and how technology is used to gain shareholder value,” said Toole, who added the class has a waiting list. “It’s a difficult, critical-thinking class into the consulting world that delves into real-world delivery scenarios of the latest trends that shape the marketplace.”

Nine of Toole’s students have received the entry-level job offers in Deloitte’s commercial practice and two others were extended offers in the company’s government practice. Extending those offers were Clemson alums Bryan Russell, ’90, managing director Deloitte Consulting LLP and Jesse Hatcher, ’90, principal Deloitte Consulting LLP. Both have co-taught the class with Toole for the past six semesters.

“The new hires will join fellow Deloitte professionals who focus on helping our clients transform their operations through the use of technology,” Russell said. “These positions are coveted because they provide opportunities for significant professional growth and development. Consulting is a challenging profession and is both financially and professionally rewarding.”

As a result of MGT 4970, Clemson is on Deloitte’s list of approved schools for recruiting students for its commercial and government practices. Russell and Hatcher said MGT 4970 is a win-win-win for the University, the students and Deloitte.

Deloitte logo“Students who successfully complete the course have a six- to eight-month head start above their peers, because they understand the Deloitte culture, problem solving process, client expectations and the language of consulting,” Hatcher said. “Recruiting the best and brightest for consulting positions is extremely competitive.  Our collaboration with the business school at Clemson in the MGT 4970 course allows us to have extensive interactions with the students. As a result, we are getting future employees who are not only highly capable, they are able to hit the ground running.”

Added Russell: “By being in the classroom, we get to identify through a semester-long process outstanding talent, but it also gives students an understanding of our culture and what a career path looks like with Deloitte.”

Ann Wesley Carter, a senior double major in marketing and economics, is one of the students who was offered – and accepted – a job in Deloitte’s Denver location. She said prior to enrolling in MGT 4970, business consulting wasn’t a career path she had considered.

“The class was eye-opening, to say the least, and the best class I’ve ever taken,” the Charlotte N.C., native said. “We made five presentations to the Deloitte partners and through them, I learned how to accept feedback on them with grace. It was a real-world learning opportunity that taught me transferrable skills I could use on any career path I chose.”

Hatcher and Russell said Deloitte sees the relationship with Clemson and the College moving forward as it adds to the company’s talent pool.

“Over the six semesters, we’ve gained momentum and the quality of students we recruit from Clemson continues to rise,” Hatcher added. “We are extremely pleased with the level of talent we are finding in the business management and with other majors, particularly in engineering.”

Toole calls MGT 4970 a “next-level” class that attracts successful students who pass on its value to others as a way to prepare them for being market-ready at graduation.

“Students who complete this class are going to be better prepared than I was when I graduated. It’s a unique class at Clemson and one I wish I had at during my undergraduate time here,” Toole added. “It’s gratifying to receive feedback from graduates who tell me how much they got out of the class and how it prepared them for the real world.”

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