Community Notification Policy as COVID-19 transmission accelerates


The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) has assessed South Carolina has entered the acceleration phase of COVID-19, meaning community spread is occurring. DHEC displays confirmed case countshowever, every case of COVID-19 is not reported because there are many untested people who have the virus. Everyone should take the recommended precautions for protecting against COVID-19 seriously 

Because most students and employees are seeing their personal doctors, this means Clemson University may not be informed of every case in our Clemson community.   

 To provide the most transparent and accurate picture possible, the COVID-19 website will no longer display the total number of confirmed “Positive Tests at Clemson University.” This was replaced with information about the acceleration of COVID-19All members of the Clemson community should continue to follow recommended precautions from the Centers for Disease Control and PreventionDHEC and Clemson University officials.  

 To provide support and notifications to our at-risk populations, Clemson officials request all students contact Redfern Health Center (864656-3571 and employees contact the Joseph F. Sullivan Center (864986-1218 in the following instances: 

  1.  they have significant reason to believe they have been directly exposed to a positive COVID-19 case; or
  2. they have been tested for COVID-19; or, 
  3. they are confirmed to have COVID-19.  

Learn more by visiting Clemson University’s COVID-19 website. 


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