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College of Science tailgate welcomes alumni and friends


CLEMSON – The College of Science hosted an alumni tailgate on Saturday, September 21, before the Clemson vs. UNC Charlotte football game. Alumni, faculty and staff shared conversation, food and camaraderie as members of the Clemson family.

Dean Cynthia Y. Young expressed her appreciation for the alumni and the three ways they support the college. First, she said, they’re engaging with our students and helping them build the learning experience. Second, alumni are connecting the College of Science to their industry. Third, they give back.

“We’ve got big, bold aspirations and they are absolutely achievable with help,” Young said. “Our alumni are giving us their time, their resources, or opening their doors for us. Connecting with them has been huge for this college.”

SCIENCE faculty enjoying Sept 21 tailgate.
Clemson professors Trudy Mackay and Robert Anholt were among the SCIENCE faculty visiting with alumni and friends at the tailgate on Sept. 21.

Alumna Ashley Rickey (Microbiology ‘06) expressed that being a part of the Clemson family meant having a network of people that can support you. After graduating from Clemson, Rickey went on to Medical University of South Carolina and is now a surgeon in Winston Salem, North Carolina, where one of her partners in practice is also a Clemson graduate.

According to SCIENCE stakeholder and Clemson parent Mindy Zatto, Clemson is a great all-around school. “Just in terms of the opportunities the kids have, the happiness that you see around campus, and the spirit of the community; I think Clemson has it all,” Zatto said.

One measure of Clemson’s excellence is the Carnegie Basic Classification R1 as one of the nation’s most active research institutions. R1 universities are economic engines that create prosperity in entire regions, and their international reputations add significant value to the degrees they award.

“I’ve really enjoyed being a part of building a good research university,” said chemistry professor Stephen Creager, who serves as the College of Science director of space optimization. “We are now Research R1 and that is something we are very proud of. We want to build upon [that status].”

Photos from the event are on the College of Science’s Facebook page.

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