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College of Science graduate student wins nuclear technology award


CLEMSON – Htoo Paing, a doctoral student in the department of chemistry, is one of 23 students across the country who has received a 2018 Innovations in Nuclear Technology R&D Award from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Paing is a student of professor Ken Marcus in the department of chemistry.
Paing is a student of professor Kenneth Marcus in the department of chemistry.

The award is given to graduate and undergraduate students who excel in research relating to nuclear technology, as exemplified by journal publications and conference presentations. Such works are evaluated on the basis of innovation, quality and communicability to the general public.

Paing competed in the “Competition for Students at Universities with Less than $600 Million in 2016 R&D Expenditures.” His award imparts $1,500 of financial aid to supplement his graduate studies in chemistry.

Students who receive the Innovation of Nuclear Technology R&D Award will have the opportunity to attend the Nuclear Technologies R&D annual meeting and an Innovators’ forum. These networking opportunities allow winning students to gain exposure to leadership roles in nuclear technology and to explore their career interests.

“It’s always nice to receive acknowledgment for hard work,” Paing said.

Paing was recognized by the DOE’s Office of Nuclear Technology R&D for a 2016 publication that detailed the advent of a device that can better analyze the elemental composition of a given sample solution. The device will make it easier for researchers to analyze samples in nuclear laboratories without the need for extensive upfront sample preparation.


Information from the Innovations in Nuclear Technology R&D Awards website was used in this report.

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