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College of Education, Reading Recovery video offers tips for developing successful readers


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When it comes to becoming strong readers, children need three things: access, time and choice.

A new video from Clemson University’s College of Education and its Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Center describes the ways families, schools and communities can work together to give students these tools for reading success.

In the video, titled “Literacy: Making Reading Number One,” educators and advocates from Clemson’s College of Education, the International Literacy AssociationDabo’s All In Team Foundation and Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education and media company, provide the following tips to help children develop as readers:

ACCESS– Make sure children have access to books.

  • Read to children from birth.
  • Encourage the building of classroom libraries.
  • Make sure that students have access to books year-round.

TIME– Make sure children have time to build reading skills.

  • Set aside time to read to your child and have them read to you.
  • Make sure students have time in class to read and practice reading.

CHOICE– Give children choices for selecting reading materials.

  • Support children in selecting reading materials that match their interests.
  • Encourage children’s efforts to read a variety of materials – books, magazines, comic books, etc.

Produced in cooperation with Clemson Video Services, the video is part of ongoing efforts at Clemson to promote literacy, including the annual Tigers Read initiative that provides books to children throughout South Carolina to read during the summer. Tigers Read is a joint effort between the Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Center, Dabo’s All In Team Foundation and Scholastic.


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