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College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities honors top students


Hannah Connelly
Hannah Connelly was congratulated by Dean Richard E. Goodstein after receiving two of the College’s top awards. Image Credits: Kristin Clardy

The College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities at Clemson University recently honored its outstanding students on an occasion that Dean Richard E. Goodstein called “one of the most treasured, meaningful and highly anticipated days of the academic year.”

The College’s 2019 Honors and Awards ceremony took place before an audience of parents, faculty, staff and other guests on April 12 at the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts.

Goodstein, who is stepping down as dean of the College in August and returning to teaching, urged the students to “go forth, be brave, embrace the journey, and do great things.”

Each department selected its best and brightest students to receive honors and accompanying financial awards for the 2018-19 year.

The late afternoon event culminated with the College’s top student awards and two faculty awards selected by CAAH students.

The following students, all seniors, were recognized with College Awards:

  • Kevin Rabinovich, of Columbia, won the Blue Key Academic and Leadership Award.
  • Kylie Walker, of Columbia, earned the Phi Kappa Phi Certificate of Merit in the School of Design and Building.
  • Paul Davis, of Orangeburg, who was unable to attend the ceremony, received the Phi Kappa Phi Certificate of Merit in the School of the Humanities.
  • Hannah Connelly, of Marvin, N.C., won the Cameron Chase Huntley ’11 Award. Connelly also received the Dre Martin Service Award chosen by the CAAH Ambassadors, a selective group of students who represent and assist the College throughout the year.
Clemson Honors and Awards program cover
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A program listing all award winners and details on each award is posted online, and a photo gallery from the event is available on Flickr.

Faculty awards

Each year, students in the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities are invited to nominate outstanding faculty and staff.

The Faculty Member of the Year is given to a professor who exemplifies excellence in teaching, and the Advisor of the Year is a faculty or staff member honored for caring and quality in advising. Students submit a brief essay explaining their choice of a nominee, and a committee of Ambassadors selects the winners.

  • Paul Anderson, an associate history professor, was selected as CAAH Faculty Member of the Year.
  • Elizabeth Jemison, an assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion, was honored as CAAH Advisor of the Year.

‘Be extraordinary’

The Honors and Awards committee, led by Assistant Music Professor Anthony Bernarducci, invited Goodstein to serve as the ceremony’s guest speaker.

In one of his final speeches as dean of the College, Goodstein touched on some of the themes that have been a hallmark of his tenure, emphasizing the College’s goal of promoting the skills of creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration.

Abigail Fourspring
Abigail Fourspring, president of the CAAH Ambassadors, received the Charles Manning Furman Prize and the Roger B. Rollin English Essay Award.

“My goal as dean has been that through your Clemson education, you are not only prepared for the future, but you are prepared to change the future – and that you have the tools to face the future without fear,” Goodstein said.

Goodstein also spoke of the importance of two additional skills: common sense and community.

“With a collective spirit of community, where differences of opinion are valued – where we respect each other and our beliefs – we will build and sustain a brighter future,” he said.

The awards presented that afternoon are a testament that students from the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities are ready to grasp the opportunities awaiting them, Goodstein said.

“Your accomplishments are evidence that you are prepared to face the world ahead, a world that is complex, full of opportunities, joy and challenges, a world that needs, now, more than ever, smart, motivated, creative and thoughtful leaders,” Goodstein said.

Dean Goodstein also took a moment to thank the parents, relatives, faculty, staff and administrators who have played a central role in the students’ success.

He concluded by urging the students to “be extraordinary,” and added “Go Tigers!”

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