Clemson University sustainability technology startup receives SC Launch funding award


Clemson University and the Clemson University Research Foundation (CURF) are proud to announce that CarbonCents Inc. has received approval from the SC Launch Inc. board for a $250,000 convertible note.

CarbonCents is a technology-driven company that offers predictive energy management platforms for carbon reduction data. The company’s system enables the measurement and analysis of a building’s power, temperature, water usage, indoor air quality, and occupancy in a utility data system. This data is then used to create an energy usage index that helps organizations plan and achieve their sustainability goals. CarbonCents was founded by Tim Howard, Facility Solutions Manager at the Clemson University Watt Family Innovation Center, and Snowil Lopes, Director for Technology and Research at the Clemson University Energy Visualization and Analytics Center (CEVAC), to commercialize the CEVAC platform they developed in collaboration with Drs. David White, Research Associate for Analytics and GIS at the Clemson University Watt Family Innovation Center, and Carl Ehrett, Research Data Scientist at the Clemson University Watt Family Innovation Center.

“A deep understanding of the contributors to an organization’s carbon footprint is needed to make cost effective improvements,” said Dr. Todd Marek, Executive Director of the Watt Family Innovation Center. “I am excited that the efforts we started in this area in 2016 at the Watt Family Innovation Center have led to this investment in CarbonCents by SC Launch. The collaboration between the Watt Center and Clemson University Facilities and the energy of our student interns from a broad range of majors serves as a model for other multidisciplinary efforts. I look forward to following the impact that this investment will have on CarbonCents, and the resulting impact that CarbonCents will have on improving the carbon footprint of their customers.”

As an SCRA Member Company, a status they gained last year, CarbonCents was awarded a $25,000 Academic Startup Grant and a $50,000 Acceleration Grant that has helped them continue to transform the energy market with the use of the CEVAC software platform consisting of three modules. These modules give organizations the visualization and analytics tools needed to make better decisions about their emissions and energy costs by collecting, measuring, and supplying carbon reduction data. CarbonCents also became a SC Launch Portfolio Company with the $250,000 convertible note investment.  

SC Launch Inc. is the investment affiliate of the South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA). As an affiliate of SCRA, SC Launch Inc. supports innovative technology and technology-based businesses with seed and follow-on capital to supplement funding. The SC Launch Inc. board’s decision to approve the $250,000 convertible note is a significant milestone for CarbonCents, providing the startup with the funding necessary to accelerate its growth and bring its innovative solution to market.

“CURF is excited about the potential impact of CarbonCents and what the funding from SC Launch Inc. can do to help advance market entry and scaled customer acquisition activities to generate near-term revenues. CarbonCents is a prime example of the later stage innovative research coming out of Clemson University. I am excited to see this company continue to grow and thrive,” said Chris Gesswein, CURF’s Executive Director. 

“What we had in mind when starting CarbonCents was to help entities reduce their carbon footprint and, in turn, reduce their costs. Our state-of-the-art innovation provides those insights organizations need while helping them create healthier working environments,” said CEO and Co-Founder Tim Howard. “We thank the SCRA and SC Launch Inc. teams for supporting our mission.”

With the support of SC Launch Inc., CarbonCents is well-positioned to make a significant impact on the environment and create a more sustainable future for all.

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