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Clemson University enhances college access with Clemson Meeting Street Pledge


Meeting Street Scholarship Fund recipients who attend Clemson University will not owe a dime for tuition, housing, food or required fees.

That’s the Clemson Meeting Street Pledge, a new initiative to leverage the Meeting Street Scholarship Fund’s investment in students while improving college access for the state’s brightest students with demonstrated financial need.

“Meeting Street Scholarship Fund recipients are some of the state’s most exceptional students who bring value both inside and outside of the classroom through their academic excellence, unique knowledge and variety of experiences,” said David Kuskowski, associate vice president for enrollment management at Clemson. “For these students, our message is simple: earn this scholarship, and your student bill will be completely covered at Clemson University.”

All Meeting Street Scholarship Fund recipients enrolling in Clemson automatically receive additional financial support; there is no separate application, red tape or extra hoops to jump through.

“South Carolina students are our priority,” said Ashley Kearney, assistant director of communications for enrollment management at Clemson who led the University’s effort to ensure a comprehensive approach to financially supporting recipients. “This Pledge is a demonstration of that commitment.”

Rani Hameid, a Meeting Street Scholarship recipient and Campus Ambassador studying biosystems engineering, said his pathway to Clemson became a reality through the financial support he received.

“Growing up in South Carolina, I always knew that Clemson was where I wanted to end up, but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to afford it,” he said. “Being introduced to the Meeting Street Scholarship Fund was a full 180 for me because I realized it made Clemson possible.”

The Meeting Street Scholarship Fund provides eligible students up to $10,000 per year to cover tuition, fees, housing and food. Since 2021, the Meeting Street Scholarship Fund has awarded over $1.6 million to Clemson recipients, with the University awarding over $1.36 million in institutional aid to these scholars.

The Clemson Meeting Street Pledge is a partnered commitment to students that they will not be responsible for any additional expenses related to tuition, required fees, housing or food when they earn the Meeting Street Scholarship Fund.

“The Clemson Meeting Street Pledge is especially significant because the cost of higher education can be a financial challenge for many,” said Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff Max Allen. “Clemson is committed to ensuring a four-year degree remains financially attainable, and as a university, we leverage our resources to transform the lives of the students of our state.”

That desire is explicit in Clemson University’s new strategic plan, Clemson Elevate, which prioritizes serving South Carolina and its students.

What makes the Clemson Meeting Street Pledge unique is that it’s comprehensive, said Josh Bell, executive director of the Meeting Street Scholarship Fund. Some in-state schools may offer to cover tuition and fees for high-achieving students with demonstrated financial need, but the reality is that college costs more than that, he said.

“We’re grateful for the partnership and leadership of Clemson University in ensuring the brightest students with the most financial need are supported in their college journey,” Bell said.

Clemson isn’t stopping with additional financial assistance. The University is looking more closely at enrolled Meeting Street Scholarship Fund recipients and evaluating their college experience. The goal is to identify and elevate ways to support and serve them through graduation.

“Clemson is not only committed to expanding college access for high-achieving South Carolina students with demonstrated financial need, but also to amplifying their interactions with their faculty, staff and peers,” said Tia Dumas, Ph.D., associate vice president for strategic alliances, who is leading the University’s initiative to elevate the Meeting Street Scholar experience at Clemson. “We are pursuing innovative learning opportunities for Meeting Street Scholarship Fund recipients inside and outside of the classroom that contribute to their individual success and the Clemson Experience for all students.”

Kearney added there is no other scholarship in South Carolina like the Meeting Street Scholarship Fund, and the University wants to leverage the one-of-a-kind opportunity.

“We don’t want students to have this Scholarship for only their first year; we want to support them and help them maintain it year over year to persist and earn their Clemson degree,” she said. “Our commitment to South Carolina students and their families is not just about college access; it’s about college success and thriving at Clemson and beyond.”

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