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Clemson University announces creation of Division of Community, Engagement, Belonging and Access 


Clemson University has announced the formation of a new Division of Community, Engagement, Belonging and Access (CEBA) to support the key pillars of the University’s new strategic plan Clemson Elevate. Launched in April 2023, Clemson Elevate focuses on three pillars including ensuring each student thrives, building an AAU-aligned faculty and building community in service to the state of South Carolina and beyond.

The division aspires to foster a community of belonging where all members thrive and will do so by building positive relationships; broadening collective understanding; providing experiential learning opportunities and engaging in innovative and collaborative research.

We are eager to embark on a new chapter that aligns seamlessly with the University’s strategic plan, Clemson Elevate. Our vision aspires to foster a community of belonging, and we invite every member of the Clemson community to join us in creating a campus environment that truly embodies the values of community, engagement, belonging and access.


Central to the mission of CEBA will be increasing access to Clemson’s nationally acclaimed programs, building community and engagement and the sense of belonging resulting in exceptional student, faculty and staff experience during their tenures on each of Clemson’s statewide locations.  

Woven into CEBA’s new charge are instructional and service programs designed to increase each student’s ability to build community and their own sense of belonging while at Clemson and long after graduation.

The scope of the new division will take shape throughout 2024 with an emphasis on driving the concepts of community, engagement, belonging and access across the University in alignment with both Clemson Elevate and the University’s values.

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