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Clemson to highlight sustainability at football game this Saturday


Clemson University will vie for its fifth GameDay Football Zero Waste Touchdown Challenge victory during this Saturday’s football game against Wake Forest, and you can help secure the title.

The GameDay Football Zero Waste Touchdown Challenge, part of the Campus Race to Zero Waste program, encourages campuses across the country to reduce and eliminate waste at home football games. There are four categories campuses can participate in:

  • Recycling Per Capita
  • Waste Minimization Per Capita
  • Food Organics Per Capita
  • Outdoor Clean-up Events

“The recycling efforts of our staff and students for the Campus Race to Zero Waste is an outstanding example of how Clemson University is a national leader in sustainability,” said Jennifer Goree, chair of the Clemson University Sustainability Commission. “We are unique in that we have both recycling and composting on our campus, and our students’ willingness to volunteer their time to this important cause should be an inspiration to us all to do our part.”

Fans are encouraged to dispose of waste in appropriate recycling receptacles around Memorial Stadium and follow simple tips to reduce waste while tailgating, like avoiding single use items and leaving recyclables in translucent bags for sorters to collect and recycle later.

Clemson previously won the recycling challenge in 2014, 2017, 2018 and 2021.

The University will receive recycling help from “The Roadie” after Saturday’s game, a mobile mini material recovery facility sponsored by Coca-Cola Consolidated. Developed by Revolution Systems, the Roadie allows waste to be processed onsite, ensuring plastic and aluminum packages are captured and made into new bottles and cans.  

“We are happy to have The Roadie here at Clemson,” said Recycling Services Operations Manager Jacob Kiser. “I’ve never been a part of anything like this, and we are incredibly excited for the opportunity to partner with Coca-Cola Consolidated.”

In addition to Coca-Cola Consolidated’s sponsorship, Closed Loop Partners is bringing the machine and Circular Solutions Advisors is coordinating the event. 

For more information about sustainability efforts at Clemson, visit our Sustainability and Recycling Services pages.