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Clemson faculty researchers secure 15 patents for innovative technologies


Among the 15 patents issued to Clemson University researchers in 2020 were technologies for reinventing the human tissue preparation process using a self-adjusting tissue holder, enhancing chemical and environmental stability using a new class of pyrazoline-based fluorophores and improving the transportation efficiencies of the commercial shipping industry with an innovative technology in the field of antifouling marine coatings.

The Clemson University Research Foundation (CURF), the facilitator of technology transfer at Clemson University, honored each patent recipient with an award.

In addition to the Patent Awards, Inventor’s Club Awards were presented to inventors who licensed or otherwise commercialized technologies in 2020.

The Patent and License Awards honor and celebrate the drive for research and innovation at Clemson University. Due to COVID-19, CURF was not able to host an in-person awards ceremony this year. However, CURF wanted to recognize each inventor by showcasing the 15 patents issued for calendar year 2020 and the eight licenses executed. This year’s 15 patents add to CURF’s portfolio of 196 issued patents and inventions available for licensing. The awards honor innovators in areas such as agriculture, bioengineering, and materials sciences.

CURF also recognized Roy Jones, director for both Call Me MISTER and the Center for Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Educators (CRe²DE) — a South Carolina Center of Excellence — for acquiring six new licenses for the Call Me Mister Program; Anand Gramopadhye and Kapil Madathil who received four new licenses that grant use to the Educate Workforce platform and Kevin Finneran who obtained an Option and Limited Use License Agreement, executed in 2020, to commercialize an environmental remediation technology developed from his research activities.

Despite a very challenging year, I am proud that the CURF team was able to continue to assist Clemson innovators in successfully advancing their research towards commercialization. While we were not able to celebrate in person this year, it is an honor to be able to highlight these researchers and celebrate the innovative research and many contributions they have made to the Clemson University research enterprise. Congratulations to all the inventors and thank you for your continued commitment to advancing research forward to practical use for the public benefit.

Chris Gesswein, executive director of CURF

See below for a complete list of Inventor’s Club and Patent Award recipients.

Patent award recipients:

Mark Roberts: Thermally Responsive Electrolytes

Jeremy Mercuri: Positioning Bracket for Multiple Bone Tunnel Drill Guides

Naren Vyavahare: Delivery Agents Targeted to Degraded Elastic Fibers

Valery Bliznyuk, Timothy Devol: Organic Scintillators Derived from Pyrazoline

Hai Xiao: Fiber-Optic Micro-Probes for Measuring Acidity Level, Temperature and Antigens

John DesJardins, Jeffrey Anker: Radiographic Discernable Sensors and Orthopedic Applications for Same

Laine Mears: Electrically Assisted Flow Drill Screwdriving and Fixture Therefore

Jeremy Mercuri: Decellularized Biomaterial and Method for Formation

Jeremy Mercuri: Multi-Layered Biomimetic Material and Method of Formation

Agneta Simionescu, Leslie Sierad, Dan Simionescu: Self-adjusting Tissue Holder with Flow Placement for Universal Integration into Tissue Preparation Processes and Tools for Assembling

Kendall Kirk: Yield Monitor For Windrow-Collected Material

Jeremy Mercuri: Positioning Bracket for Multiple Bone Tunnel Drill Guides

Stephen Kresovich, Richard Boyles: CU16FL159

Daniel Whitehead: Functionalized Biodegradable Polymers to Neutralize Complex Mixtures of Organic Compounds from Environmental Sources

MaryBeth Johnstone, Andrew Mount: Marine Antifouling Peptide

Daniel Whitehead, James Morris: Novel Diazacyclobutene Derivatives and Methods of Synthesis Thereof

Inventor Club Recipients:

Robert Latour: SciTeck Diagnostics, Inc.

George Chumanov: SciTeck Diagnostics, Inc.

Richard Boyles: Carolina Seed Systems, LLC

Stephen Kresovich: Carolina Seed Systems, LLC

Charles Rice: Absolute Antibody, Ltd.

Cheryl Dye: “Health Coaches for Hypertension Control”

Joel Williams: “Health Coaches for Hypertension Control”

Janet Evatt: “Health Coaches for Hypertension Control”


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