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Clemson celebrates another record-breaking fundraising year in FY22


Clemson University closed another record-breaking year of philanthropy on June 30, with a total of $210,598,898 raised during fiscal year 2022, topping last year’s total of $202 million. Philanthropic generosity transformed the lives of many by creating 139 new student scholarships, 129 new endowments, multiple resource developments and numerous program expansions in both academics and athletics.

Of the total, $147,815,182 million was in cash, pledges and gifts-in-kind to academics, and 47 planned gifts totaled nearly $18,714,125. Twenty-two gifts of $1 million or more were received, and unrestricted dollar donations reached more than $3.2 million. There were two new Academic Cornerstone gift commitments and three new Athletic Cornerstone gift commitments in FY22. Cornerstone gifts are significant gifts of $2.5 million or more made at one time by an individual.

The impact of philanthropy is seen across campus and beyond. Students, who once thought access to education was out of reach, received scholarships to continue pursuing their dreams.

The University continued to attract and retain top-rated faculty who are able to give students an experience that inspires creative ideas, solutions and opportunities for ground-breaking research. Clemson resources and technology have been expanded to provide students, faculty and staff with the tools needed to impact and shape the future.

Clemson University President Jim Clements expressed appreciation for Clemson supporters who help position students for success.

Students are at the center of everything we do here. The Clemson Family supports our students in many ways, and their success wouldn’t be possible without each and every donor.


Athletics and IPTAY received several impactful gifts in support of student-athletes, athletic programs and facilities.

With more than $72 million given during this past year, our IPTAY donors continue to support our nearly 500 student-athletes. This financial support helps fund athletic scholarships, provides academic support and life services to our student-athletes, and also backs facility initiatives to create an unmatched environment not only for our athletes but also as a distinction and source of pride for Clemson University as a whole, and we thank each and every one of our supporters for their contribution.


Overall, 38,614 members of the Clemson Family contributed a total of 101,617 gifts. Loyal alumni showed their support in giving back to their beloved alma mater. Alumni participation exceeded 17 percent.

“When our Clemson Family recognizes the impact the University has had on their lives and wants to give back, or when they notice the needs of students or perhaps a program or department, it is remarkable how they move to address it,” said Brian O’Rourke, vice president of Advancement. “This past year, we had the McCall Farms Vegetable Breeding Endowment, the Brook T. Smith Accelerator at Clemson University, the Dr. Patricia “Pat” Layton Endowed Directorship and other programs where people associated their names, or in honor of others, to show their commitment to the Clemson Experience, our mission and values. We thank each Clemson Family member for their dedication and support.”

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