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Clemson Architecture student takes national leadership role with the Society for American Registered Architects


The Society of American Registered Architects (SARA) recently appointed Cierra Davies, a Master of Architecture student, as the National Chair of the Society for American Registered Architects Students (SARAS).

For Davies, the journey to this position has been filled with advocacy and support. While serving as a graduate assistant, Davies was a co-designer for a project that won an award in the Society of American Registered Architects New York (SARA NY) chapter’s Design Awards.

“Our project and my advocacy caught the attention of SARA’s National Executive Director, Fabiyan Pembelski,” explained Davies. “He immediately became my mentor and soon after offered me this position.”

An advocate for students

As a founding member and National Chair of SARAS, Davies will spearhead efforts to advocate for student members and professional development within the architectural community and facilitate the establishment of student-led SARAS organizations in schools across the country.

According to SARA, Davies will play a crucial role in the organizing and promoting of multiple student-centric events scheduled to take place this year.

“Under Cierra’s guidance, SARAS aims to bridge the gap between professional architects and students, providing a platform for mentorship, collaboration and innovation,” said the organization in a recent press release.

Davies is committed to the organization’s growth and is embracing SARA’s core value of “Architect helping Architect.”

“My role broadens its scope to include ‘Architect helping Architectural Student’ and ‘Student helping Student,” Davies said. “I aim to foster a culture of support, advocacy and mutual respect among aspiring and seasoned architects.”

Expanding paths to the profession

According to Davies, the creation of SARAS has kickstarted support from various state councils of SARA, with the councils agreeing to have a portion of funds go to an initiative she proposed that supports students coming from nontraditional paths into architecture.

Additionally, the 2024 SARA National Board showed significant support for SARAS with personal financial contributions. According to the organization, these contributions underscore the collective belief in the importance of nurturing the next generation of architects.

“We are immensely proud of Cierra’s achievements and her dedication to advancing the
architectural profession. Her appointment as the National SARAS Committee Chair is not just a testament to her exceptional leadership and organizational skills but also to the bright future of SARAS under her stewardship. We are confident that her efforts will significantly contribute to our enduring mission of ‘Architect helping Architect,’ and we look forward to the positive changes she will bring to our community.”

SARA National President, Ronnette Riley, FARA

Davies’ work begins with the attempt to establish the first South Carolina SARA student council. She explained that this work includes broadening the scope of the student council to include community colleges.

“I am so thankful to Clemson and SARA for their support,” Davies said. “I started off using my own resources to do outreach, and I am now gaining support on a local and national level. I cannot wait to see how this will positively impact the students I serve in both universities and community colleges.”

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