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Clemson alumni-founded Kanga Coolers takes center stage in Mr. Beast video triumph


Recent Clemson University and Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business alumni celebrate a significant achievement as Kanga Coolers, a venture born out of a business class assignment, emerges as the winner in a recent Shopify-hosted contest. The prize? A coveted advertising space in a recently aired Mr. Beast YouTube video.

The excitement is palpable for the team, all proud Clemson graduates. The Mr. Beast video aired on Dec. 2 has already surpassed expectations. Austin Maxwell, one of the co-founders, reflects on the impact of their previous exposure during their appearance on Shark Tank in 2019, reaching an estimated 10 million people. Now, with the recent YouTube video, they anticipate reaching an even more massive audience of over 150 million people.

Kanga Coolers, under the leadership of CEO Logan LaMance ’18, has been on a trajectory of success since its inception. The Kase Mate, their flagship product, is a lightweight, insulated beverage cooler providing a sleek alternative to traditional ice chests. Originally developed as part of an entrepreneurial class assignment, the product garnered attention from the Shark Tank panel in April 2019.

“From a college class project to the largest YouTube channel in the world! This opportunity has been described to us as ‘Larger Than a Super Bowl Commercial'” – Austin Maxwell, Co-founder & Head of Sales, Kanga Coolers, Clemson Alumni

During their appearance on Shark Tank, the team garnered interest from billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban, and the product gained much traction. The Kase Mate, with its three-layer insulating system, promises to keep beverages cold in their original packaging for up to seven hours. This unique selling proposition has resonated with consumers, leading to the sales of the Kase Mates and generating impressive revenues to date.

The Clemson Alumni team is eager to witness the impact of the Mr. Beast video. The exposure is expected to propel Kanga Coolers to new heights. The success of Kanga Coolers showcases the entrepreneurial spirit nurtured within the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business. From a class assignment to a Shark Tank investment and now featured in a Mr. Beast video, Kanga Coolers continues to grow and make its mark in the world of innovative beverage cooling solutions. The Clemson alumni remain committed to bringing fun and convenience to their consumers, with plans for future product launches aligning with their mission. As the Mr. Beast video continues to gain traction, the Kanga Coolers team is ready for the next chapter of their entrepreneurial journey.

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