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CCIT, Parking and Transportation Services unveil push notifications to iOS users


CLEMSON — Parking and Transportation Services has partnered with the mobile innovation team from Clemson Computing and Information Technology (CCIT) to introduce push notifications for main campus updates in real time through the my.Clemson app. The first phase will be available only to iOS operating system users, which comprises 88 percent of Clemson’s campus population.

A screenshot of the iPhone X showing personalized updates for users wanting parking and transportation updates at Clemson
Campus iOS users can received personalized parking and transportation updates through the my.Clemson app under CCIT’s latest innovation.

“We are thrilled to be the first department to partner with CCIT for this innovative opportunity,” said Dan Hofmann, director of Parking and Transportation Services. “As we continually strive to meet the parking and transportation needs for a growing campus, the ability to receive real-time updates will be beneficial for students, faculty, staff and visitors.”

Currently, the my.Clemson app includes a campus map and directory, as well as links to resources for academics, campus life, employees, events, news, safety and transit. The push notifications allow subscribers to see the entire gamut of parking and transportation impacts on campus — permit sales, new parking options, available bus routes, important closures, bike locations and availability. Subscribers will receive personalized updates instantly on their IOS device.

The push notifications can be broken down into the following channels for subscribers:


  • Road Closures
  • Commuter
  • West Resident
  • East Resident
  • Douthit Hills
  • Apartment
  • Employee
  • Carpool
Multiple channels for both parking and transit will allow users to customize their alerts through the my.Clemson app.
Multiple channels for both parking and transit will allow users to customize their alerts through the my.Clemson app.


  • Red/Gold Route
  • Campus Routes
  • Tiger Transit Nighttime
  • Tiger Commute/Greenville
  • Bridge/Pendleton Routes
  • CU Nursing/Greenville
  • Airport Shuttles
  • Research Park/Anderson
  • Seneca

“The push notification system has been a groundbreaking project for our mobile innovation team, all of CCIT and for Clemson University,” said Sam Hoover. “Parking and Transportation Services continues to be the premier technology partner for our team. We look forward to providing this service to the university community in order to keep people informed about the parking and transportation issues that matter to them. This is the first phase of transforming my.Clemson into a personalized Clemson experience for our users, giving them the power to select the information that matters to them the most.”

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