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Capital improvement project applications open


Undergraduate Student Senate is inviting faculty, staff and students to submit applications for capital improvement projects — such as past projects like bronze Tigers at the Scroll of Honor Memorial or the beautification of Gantt Circle — to benefit the university. Capital improvement is annual funding provided to primarily student-led projects, although faculty and staff are encouraged to submit ideas as well.

Tiger statue in Memorial Park at the Scroll of Honor
One of two tiger statues in Clemson University’s Memorial Park seems to turn its head toward the illuminated Clemson Tiger Paw on Memorial Stadium, August 15, 2019. The tigers were funded previously by student capital improvement projects.

“When it all comes down to it, the goal of this annual project is to make Clemson a better place by offering funding to initiatives that can bring about tangible change for Clemson’s campus or for Clemson students,” said Abby Kibler, senate secretary. “As students, we should always strive for ways we can make our University better — and through Capital Improvement — students, faculty and staff can apply and submit projects that will allow that to happen.”

Funds should not be used to incentivize individuals, similar to a grant or endowment program. Rather, the funds should be applied to resources and materials necessary to complete the project. This year, the Clemson Undergraduate Student Senate is more than $145,000 to these projects.

In addition to the aforementioned bronze Tigers and Gantt Circle beautification, other examples of past capital improvement projects include the installation of trauma kits throughout campus, Career Center “clothes closet” located at the University Union, collaborative area of Cooper Library, cannon memorial on Bowman Field and the bikeshare program.


The final deadline to submit a capital improvement project is January 31, 2021. Each application will be reviewed by an ad-hoc committee of student senators. Those interested in submitting a project idea should visit the link above or contact Abby Kibler at

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