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Candidates for University Historian position to visit Clemson


Clemson University is pleased to announce that the University Historian position finalists will be visiting main campus in the following weeks. Each candidate for the position will also have an open forum during their visit. The dates of the candidates’ visits and their information are listed below.

As University Historian, the selected candidate will serve as a resource on historical interpretation, representation and commemoration for the Clemson community. The Historian will be responsible for compiling and disseminating new scholarship relating to Clemson’s past while engaging with the public on the University’s history. The Historian will report directly to the Dean of Libraries and the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost.

For information regarding this position, please visit the University Historian website.

Kirt von Daacke

Professor, Assistant Dean of History and American Studies

University of Virginia

October 26

Otis W. Pickett

Associate Professor of History

Mississippi College

November 2

Brent Morris

Professor of History

University of South Carolina Beaufort

November 4