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Being present in the moment


How often do you feel that you aren’t thoroughly engaged in what you are doing because you are worrying about the future or dwelling on the past? Many of us want to find ways to be more present in the moment – to help alleviate stress and to not miss out on the experiences we are having right now.

Practicing mindfulness is about developing the skills to bring together our body and mind in the present moment with curiosity and compassion. It helps us “get in the flow” of the moment – to be fully present.

Here are some ways to add mindfulness to your day:

  • Practice paying attention to your breathing. You can do this on your own, with guided meditation or through many different forms of exercise. Visit the Wellness Zone in Fike Recreation Center and try out the mindfulness videos.
  • Next time you’re tempted to take out your phone to pass the time, don’t! Take a moment to just BE. Look around. What do you see, hear, feel?
  • Notice your thoughts. Be curious about what you’re thinking. If you feel like you are being carried away by your thoughts, notice that and turn your focus and attention to your breathing.
  • Take a mindful walk around our beautiful, tree-lined campus. Give your full attention to your surroundings. Notice the in and out of your breathing.
  • Sign up for a yoga or mindfulness class – Koru Mindfulness, a four-week workshop designed to teach mindfulness and meditation as a way to manage stress and reduce anxiety, will take place virtually in February and March. Sign up for Koru before the first class starts on Feb. 20!

Based on data we collect through the National College Health Assessment (NCHA) survey biennially at Clemson, we know that anxiety and depression can be challenging. Twenty-eight percent of students who responded to the survey in 2022 reported having been diagnosed with anxiety and 20% with depression. We know this can impact academic success. Mindfulness can help with anxiety and depression and help us be more present in our daily lives. The NCHA will be sent this year to a randomly selected group of students on February 26. If you are selected, please fill it out to help us learn more about how you are feeling and ways we can help!