Appreciation lunches for employees held across the state


The Office of Human Resources treated Clemson employees to lunch at appreciation events held at Clemson locations all over the state this past week. A total of eight appreciation lunches were held as a way for the University to recognize the indispensable value of the people who make Clemson run.

Workers mingled and chatted as they enjoyed hot dogs and chili, pulled pork barbecue, veggie burgers, coleslaw, fruit salad, grain salad, chips and dessert.

The lunches were held at:

  • The Edisto Research and Education Center in Blackville, with 47 Tigers
  • The Fresh Food Company in the CORE Campus building on the main campus, with 1,409 Tigers
  • The Sandhill Research and Education Center in Columbia, with 42 Tigers
  • The Pee Dee Research and Education Center in Darlington, with 59 Tigers
  • The Coastal Research and Education Center in Charleston, with 22 Tigers
  • The Baruch Institute of Coastal Ecology and Forest Science, with 50 Tigers
  • The Cattle Barn at Garrison Arena in Clemson, with 96 Tigers
  • The Clemson University Restoration Institute in Charleston, with 50 Tigers

The luncheons are also a way to foster fellowship, as people from all the different departments get to meet and eat together during the ebb of activity that comes to campus after graduation.

More than 1,400 hungry Tigers showed up to the main campus event alone, where top-level administration officials including President Jim Clements helped serve the meals, and the Clemson Tiger prowled the room spreading the Clemson spirit. At one point, impromptu line dancing broke out in the middle of the cafeteria thanks to the wonderful DJ who provided the musical entertainment.

Vivian Morris, Clemson’s director of employee retention and engagement, said this years’ lunches were the most attended ever.

“Clemson’s faculty and staff work hard all year to propel the University forward, and their efforts have taken it to new heights,” she said. “These luncheons are one small way we can show our appreciation for all they do on our main campus and in all of our satellite locations.”

President Clements, in an orange Clemson apron, serves pulled pork out of a large stainless steel conatiner
President Clements and Mark Land serve up BBQ in the Fresh Food Company











A group of people sit in front of a large, floor-to-ceiling window chatting and eating off of paper plates.
Employees enjoy some time together at the CURI luncheon.











A group of people sit at a long table, smiling, with plates of food in front of them
Breaking bread at the Edisto Research and Education center.











Several tables full of people eat on a covered patio with green lawns and trees in the background
Dining among the trees at the Coastal Research and Education Center











President Clements laughs with several men in plaid shirts and hats, while standing in front of trays of food
Rustling up some vittles with President Clements at the Cattle Barn at Garrison Arena.












Two ladies remove tin foil covers from large trays of food
The lids come off the food at the Sandhill Research and Education Center.












Several people gather around a table and scoop foot onto their plates from large food trays.
Hungry Tigers pile food on their plates a the Baruch Institute of Coastal Ecology and Forest Science



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