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Access to main campus facilities: How to do a quick clearance status check


Staff, faculty and students are permitted to access main campus facilities only if they are in a “Cleared” status. The University’s testing protocol requires a negative test to be obtained at least once every seven days to maintain clearance. 

To increase safety, please ensure each person accessing a building with a card scanner scans their TigerOne card or mobile app on entry even when entering in pairs or in groups.


To review the clearance status of the employees you supervise, follow these directions:

  1. Using your University credentials, log in to the reporting tool (https://opstrategy.app.clemson.edu/).
  2. Under the “Employees” category, select “List.”


Use the COVID-19 Clearance Status Tool to verify your clearance status. Those without clearance should not attempt to access any main campus facilities until a new test is obtained and clearance is restored.

Reference the COVID-19 Testing Information webpage for more information on testing.