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10 young minds added to the Lyceum Scholars Program family


Ten exceptional students have been welcomed into the Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism’s (CISC) fourth class of the Lyceum Scholars Program.

The 10 students were selected from nearly 600 applicants nationwide who applied for entry into Clemson University’s unique academic program within the College of Business that teaches the moral foundations of capitalism in a traditional liberal arts setting.

Lyceum Scholars, freshmen, 2018
Freshmen Lyceum scholars are, back row, from left, Luca Frumento William Galloway, Glenn Brown, Reece White, Tanner Street; front row, Ryan Anderson, Rachel Hall, Emily Bowling, Meredith Johnson, Louise Franke.

“These intellectually curious young scholars are interested in a “Great Books” approach to learning that focuses on the history of liberty, capitalism, the American Founding, and the principles of moral character” said C. Bradley Thompson, CISC executive director. “The Lyceum Scholars program is America’s premiere university-based program that focuses on big ideas and examines fundamental questions in life such as life, liberty, justice, virtue and freedom.”

The 2018-19 Lyceum Scholars freshman class includes, Glenn Brown, economics major, Glenelg (Md.) High School; Louise Franke, engineering major, Spartanburg (S.C.) High School; Meredith Johnson, political science major, Wilson Hall High School, Camden, S.C.; Emily Bowling, political science major, Clover (S.C.) High School; Tanner Street, computer science major, Greenville Technical Charter School, Simpsonville, S.C.; Reece White, philosophy major, Dublin (Ohio) Jerome High School; William Galloway, political science major, Blythewood (S.C.) High School; Rachel Hall, political science major, Faith Christian School, Daleville, Va.; Ryan Anderson, economics and political science major, Laurens (S.C.) Academy; and Luca Frumento, economics major, West Morris Mendham (N.J.) High School.

Applicants for the scholars program, founded in 2014, undergo a rigorous screening process that includes writing three essays and going through an interview process. Students accepted into the program receive a privately funded $10,000 scholarship over four years where they learn about liberty, free markets, the American founding, and moral character through a ‘Great Books’ approach.

Ryan Anderson, who plans to pursue a Ph.D. in economics, said he learned about the Lyceum Scholars Program while in 10th grade at Laurens Academy.

“The program is the primary reason I’m attending Clemson. I’m excited about learning about the morality and principles of the capitalistic system,” Ryan said. “I believe the program and its Great Books approach to learning will provide me with a sound understanding about capitalism, which will position me to excel in graduate school.”

The Lyceum program draws on the inspiration from the Lyceum school founded by Aristotle in 335 B.C., where students read from classic texts about renowned academics in political and economic thought. The 36 students currently enrolled in Clemson’s Lyceum program are assigned faculty Socratic tutors to create a one-on-one mentorship that helps them apply the ideals they learn to their everyday living.

Another freshman, Rachel Hall of Virginia, sees the four-year program as a great opportunity for a student eager to engage in the exchange of diverse ideas and beliefs.

“I am intrigued and dedicated to the discovery and intellectual development of the presuppositions that underlie our public policy and societal mindset,” she said. “I’m eager to become immersed in the study of fundamental principles and ideologies, and the manifestation of these ideals in our governmental structure.”

About the Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism

CISC is America’s premiere university-based teaching and research center dedicated to exploring the moral, political and economic foundations of capitalism. Founded in 2005, and housed within Clemson University’s College of Business, the Institute is educating a new generation of students about the moral requirements of a free society.

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