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Student refunds and credits to be distributed in December


As the University moves to online-only instruction beginning after the Thanksgiving holiday, the office of Student Financial Services will begin processing credits for unused University services. Along with the previously announced 10% credit for housing and unlimited dining plans, the University will also refund student activity fees, transit fee, and campus recreation fees at the same 10% rate for students not returning after the holiday. Students who purchased parking permits will also receive a credit to their parking services account.

Credits will begin being applied to accounts in the coming weeks, with any resulting refunds distributed in mid-December. For ease and speed of transaction, and to ensure any potential refund is securely deposited directly to a student’s account, it is highly encouraged for any student who has not signed up for eRefund to do so as soon as possible. Students can sign up through iRoar and step-by-step instructions are available HERE.

To expedite potential refunds to students and minimize environmental impact, credits of $20 or less will be applied to the student’s next semester bill in lieu of mailing a check. No dollar threshold will apply to eRefunds. Due to the timing of check distribution and University holiday at the end of December, students who do NOT sign up for eRefund may have to wait until January to have any check issues and questions resolved.

As of today, the University is anticipating providing credits to 24,121 students, of which 18,139 have eRefund accounts.

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