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Reminder to employees returning to campus: Renew your parking permits


Reminder to employees returning to campus: Renew your parking permits

Employees returning to campus with the start of in-person classes this week should remember to renew their parking permits. Telecommuting faculty and staff parking on campus may consider forgoing an annual permit and may opt to purchase temporary daily permits online or temporary daily hang tag permits from the Parking Office at a cost of $3 per day. For LEV and EV permit holders, parking renewals are not available online. Current LEV/EV permit holders should follow instructions emailed to them specifically.

 List of items you’ll need: 

  • Vehicle state and plate number. Important: Update your plate number for our enforcement software that utilizes License Plate Recognition (LPR).
  • Vehicle make, model, year and color.

Permit payment 

Payments for permits are only available online. Go to www.clemson.edu/parking and click on Manage My Account to manage your parking account and pay one of two ways:

  • Payroll Deduction:
    •  Select “online payroll deduction” as your payment type if you are already paying your parking through payroll deduction.
      • If you were enrolled in payroll deduction, your current payroll deduction for parking was temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. Deductions will resume after you purchase your permit.
    • If you want to enroll in payroll deduction, select “online payroll deduction” as your payment type, print the pre-tax parking benefit election/change form at http://www.clemson.edu/campus-life/parking/multimedia/pdf/pretaxelectionform.pdf and return the completed form directly to Parking and Transportation Services located on the ground level of the University Union or you can email it to parking@clemson.edu for processing.
  • Debit or Credit Card:
    • Pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

Additional Information: 

  • All parking regulations, including meters, are in effect, and you are required to purchase a parking permit to park your vehicle on campus. 
  • Discounted annual $50 Park N Ride permits offer savings and are great options for commuters. Carefully review this option before ordering your permit at https://www.clemson.edu/campus-life/parking/transit/park-n-ride/index.html. If you currently have an employee permit and are enrolled in payroll deduction, you will need to complete a new payroll deduction form for this option.
  • If you have not purchased a permit and your vehicle is found on campus, you may receive a citation.
  • Employee permits are issued in the form of repositionable decals and must be displayed in the left front (driver’s side) windshield of your vehicle. Decals may be moved from vehicle to vehicle up to 3,000 times for those who occasionally switch vehicles to another vehicle linked to your permit.
  • Temporary 15-day permits can be printed for display on your dashboard upon purchase. Permits will be mailed within three days after purchase to the shipping address that you provide. Permits will not be held for pickup at Parking and Transportation Services and cannot be mailed to a campus office location.
  • Employees who cannot order a permit online (i.e. U.S. Forestry, Ricoh, Aramark or intermittent employees need to bring their vehicle information to our office and complete their parking permit application).
  • All past-due citations must be paid before purchasing a parking permit.

Parking & Transportation Services, located on the ground level of the University Union, will operate under the following modified schedule: Tuesday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Or contact us by phone or email Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (864-656-2270/parking@clemson.edu).

Notice to users of disability access parking permits:

Anyone who displays a state-issued disability parking permit in order to park on the campus of Clemson University is required to register the permit with the Parking Services office prior to use on campus. Students, faculty, staff and vendors are required to purchase and display a campus parking permit, even when displaying a disability access parking permit. The request to register the state-issued permits prior to use is expected to reduce the incident of unauthorized use, thereby increasing access to disability access parking space by legitimate users. Please contact the office in person, by phone at 864-656-2270 or email us at parking@clemson.edu to register your ADA permit.



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