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Professional development tips and resources from #CUStayConnected newsletter


The Office of Human Resources continues updating its weekly newsletter #CUStayConnected, which provides training, professional development, outreach and engagement resources for faculty and staff.

Debuting in April and inspired by the #CUStayConnected campaign created to bring Clemson students together, the newsletter is updated on a weekly basis every Monday at (http://media.clemson.edu/humanres/CUStayConnected.pdf). It is also shared through the Our Clemson Twitter account (@OurClemson). To receive the newsletter in your inbox, send a request to Human Resources at amstric@clemson.edu.

Here are some of the professional development and engagement resources shared from the latest issues of #CUStayConnected:


Clemson IT training courses (CuCourse)

Managing workplace fatigue during COVID-19

Resilience: The skill you need right now and four steps to sharpen it (Forbes)

The art of organization: tips and tricks from Box (Box)

Professional Development –

Learn a new language: Complimentary Rosetta Stone through CU Libraries

15 Ways to boost your LinkedIn profile (Forbes)

Boost your emotional intelligence (Wright Foundation)

Neuroscience of connecting (Wright Foundation)

Six traits to make you indispensable at work (Inc.)


Distance-learning resources for parents and educators (Good Men Project)

Six tips for homeschooling in Fall 2020 (Forbes) 

15 places to read books online for free

Virtual “Cooking with My Hero” Youtube series for kids (Monmouth Journal)

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