Meet a Tiger: Konstantin Povod


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Konstantin Povod is Clemson University’s resident radiation safety officer, overseeing all aspects of the usage of radioactive material, X-rays and lasers in research settings on campus. His job duties as part of the Clemson Radiation Safety Committee include reviewing applications for such usage, in addition to monitoring radiation doses and managing radioactive waste. He and his colleagues on the Committee conduct online and classroom-based safety training, inspect laboratories and handle all of the regulatory requirements, such as licensing, registering and inspecting, issued by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. Athough the humble Povod might not admit it, he helps keep Clemson University a safe place.

“I am very happy with how the Clemson Radiation Safety Committee operates,” Povod said. “The members are all great driving forces behind radiation safety advancement among researchers.”

Povod arrived at Clemson five years ago and was initially tasked with rebuilding Clemson’s radiation protection program from the ground up. Speaking on the thorough work being carried out via the Clemson radiation safety protocols that he put into place, Povod said, “Obviously, it’s not just my accomplishment, but I like to believe I play my part in it. Also, I’m proud of the positive relationships I have with researchers and students.”

Prior to becoming part of the Clemson family, Povod called Chicago home. The contrast between the down-home feel of the Clemson community and the hustle and bustle of the Windy City is what initially drew Povod in when he arrived at GSP Airport five years ago for his job interview with the University.

Povod recalled, “When I came for the interview, I said to myself, ‘If they take me, I’ll accept.’ I guess I could feel the warmth, hospitality and calmness in the air. This feeling only grew during my meetings and conversations with the interviewers. By the time I got the news that I was selected, I was ready to go.”

Outside of work, Povod enjoys cooking, hiking, spending time with his family and watching his favorite soccer team, Chelsea F.C., play on television. Povod has also proudly become a cat lover since settling in the Clemson area, as he shares his abode with four friendly felines. Povod has certainly made himself at home in the Upstate, with the scenic charm of the region appealing to Povod’s love for the great outdoors and serving as one of many attributes that he finds so appealing about life in Clemson.

“It has a beautiful setting, with great weather, mountains, waterfalls and lakes, that makes for great hikes,” Povod said when asked about what has made his time spent in Clemson so enjoyable. “It’s a small town but with a culturally and intellectually charged atmosphere. The understanding, responsive and helpful team of people I work with has made life here great, too.”

Five years in, Povod has enjoyed every moment of his Clemson tenure. Needless to say, Clemson University has undoubtedly reaped the benefits of having such a conscientious, skilled radiation specialist in place to help maintain the university’s reputation for undertaking safe, successful scientific research.

Povod is one of many integral staff members in the Clemson family contributing to the university’s mission to serve as a high seminary of learning, and his contributions to keeping the Clemson community safe have proven that not all protectors wear badges or capes. For Povod, a lab coat works just as well, and he plans to continue donning one at Clemson University for years to come.

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