Faculty and staff work to make Clemson remarkable


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2018 has been a truly remarkable year at Clemson University.

We welcomed new faces, opened new facilities, made major strides in academics and research, and received recognition from reputable organizations across the globe.

To recognize the great work that we’ve accomplished together, we’re sharing some of our top faculty and staff stories that shaped our 2018 and will continue to do so for years to come.

Our leaders

This year, we welcomed several new leaders to the Clemson Family. Since arriving, they’ve all hit the ground running to move their colleges, departments or divisions forward.

Our impact

Clemson’s impact goes beyond the classroom. This year, our faculty, staff and students made a difference with various initiatives throughout the state.

Our recognition

The work of our faculty and staff hasn’t gone unnoticed. This year we saw a number by internationally recognized organizations and outlets, proving that Clemson’s reputation for excellence only continues to flourish.

  • From The London Economic to The Washington Post, everyone was in awe of astrophysicist Marco Ajello and his team’s measurement of all the starlight ever emitted in the history of the observable universe.
  • Wired was one of the many outlets that took notice of Darren Linvill and Patrick Warren’s study about the impact of Twitter trolls.
  • Anjali Joseph’s research on design’s impact on the operating room landed front and center on The Wall Street Journal.
  • Clemson emergency management director Sarah Custer offered AccuWeather advice for staying safe after a natural disaster.
  • The University’s work to train the next generation of nurses was noted by the New York Times.
  • Clemson’s Fire Tigers team showed NBC News how they are learning to combat growing wildfire threats.

Celebrating you

While faculty and staff coordinated, created and researched on behalf of the university, they received well-deserved recognition from Clemson as well as national and international organizations. Check out the great work they have accomplished. 

Our People

You spend one third of your life with your colleagues. How well do you really know them? This year, we had the pleasure of featuring nearly 50 faculty and staff members in our popular weekly Meet a Tiger program. Meet them here.

It’s a wrap

As we wrap up the year and move toward 2019, we want to say thank you to faculty, staff, administrators and leaders for moving Clemson toward the future.

We hope that you have a great holiday and break. Inside Clemson will be back Jan. 9, 2019.







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