College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

CAAH welcomes new faculty members for 2018-19


The 2018-19 academic year brings many new faces to the faculty ranks in the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities.

“I continue to be impressed by the caliber and qualifications of the faculty members who are joining our College this fall,” said Dean Richard E. Goodstein. “We are proud to have these scholars sharing their knowledge in the classroom with our majors and with the entire Clemson University community through the many general education classes we offer.”

Goodstein stressed that small class sizes allow those instructors to leave an even larger impact. Nearly 80 percent of the classes offered in CAAH are offered to 20 or fewer students, he said.

Here are the new faculty, listed by department.

School of Architecture: Chelsea Anderson, lecturer; Christopher Counts, lecturer; Maria Counts, assistant professor; Winifred Elysse Newman, Homer Curtis Mickel and Leona Carter Mickel Endowed Chair; and Deborah Wingler, research assistant professor.

Art: Deighton Abrams and Mark Brosseau, lecturers.

City Planning and Real Estate Development: Stephen Buckman, assistant professor; Kimbrell Hughes, lecturer; and Luis Enrique Ramos-Santiago, assistant professor.

Construction Science and Management: Dhaval Gajjar, assistant professor; Kent Nilsson, lecturer; Craig Townsend, lecturer; and Appie Wells, lecturer.

English: Bree Beal, lecturer; Luke Chwala, lecturer; William Cunningham, lecturer; James Funk, visiting assistant professor; Maya Hislop, assistant professor; Tareva Johnson, lecturer; Lindsey Kurz, lecturer; Henna Messina, lecturer; Mary Nestor, lecturer; Kathy Nixon, lecturer; Nancy Paxton-Wilson, lecturer; Ingrid Pierce, lecturer; Megan Pietruszewski, lecturer; Jamie Rogers, visiting assistant professor; Patricia Sunia, lecturer; Spencer Tricker, lecturer; Eddy Troy, lecturer; Kenneth Tuite, lecturer; and Caitlin Watt, lecturer.

History: Mou Banerjee, assistant professor; Joshua Catalano, lecturer; Dave Doran, visiting assistant professor; Stephanie Hassell, assistant professor; and Kathryn Langenfeld, assistant professor.

Languages: Jody Cripps, assistant professor; Liliana Hernández, lecturer; Andrea Naranjo, lecturer; Rosa Macarena Pillcurima, lecturer; and Mercedes Tejera, lecturer.

Performing Arts: Becky Becker, department chair; Jerrad Fenske, lecturer; and David Jones, lecturer.

Philosophy and Religion: David Antonini and Adam Omelianchuk, lecturers.

The Clemson University website features a photo gallery of CAAH faculty who have joined the university in the past year, and information on the faculty members who have joined other Colleges.

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