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Undergraduate Studies – providing a nexus of support to promote student success


The faculty and staff working in Vickery Hall would like to welcome their colleagues from around campus to tour their transformed building and will host an Open House, August 19th from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

It’s been less than two years since Undergraduate Studies took up residence in the former Student-Athlete Enrichment Services building, Vickery Hall. During its first 27 years of operation, Vickery Hall supported hundreds of student athletes, and Dean Ken Vickery, the building’s namesake, would be proud knowing Vickery offices and meeting areas continue to provide the venue, programs and activities that promote academic excellence for the University’s students. The August 19th Open House will reveal how Undergraduate Studies is flourishing with programs designed to provide undergraduate students meaningful, proactive support.

Families and their students at a Clemson-sponsored event.
Students and their families gather in front of Vickery Hall during one of this summer’s many programs supporting student success.

In the summer months alone, Freshman Programs staff assisted 160 new freshmen who began their Clemson academic careers as part of the Early Success or Tigertown Summer Bound programs. Adding to this, staff in Undergraduate Studies worked alongside their colleagues from across campus to coordinate this summer’s New Student Orientations to create programming to better transition freshmen and transfer students to a life of academic success.

Less than 24 months since transitioning to the heart of campus and with three of four phases of its renovations complete, Vickery Hall has been transformed into a nexus of undergraduate student support. In consierge fashion, front desk staff make sure any student who has a question or who needs support is connected with the right person or office that can provide resources or assistance. “We are a one-stop-shop for students, and we are here to help!” says Lisa Traynham in Undergraduate Studies.

Strategically, several other program and support groups are positioned in the renovated first floor of Vickery Hall, including the Academic Integrity and Eligibility Programs, as well as the staff offices for the Bridge to Clemson and Transfer Student Programs. The FIRST Program, which supports college undergrads who are the first of their family to attend college has both offices and student lounge in Vickery Hall. Recently joining the hub of support Vickery Hall represents, the Clemson Student Veterans Center provides student veterans academic support. “We’ve thoughtfully created a space for Clemson’s undergraduate students right in the center of campus that provides a full array of support that instills academic collaboration and success, says John Griffin, associate provost and dean of Undergraduate Studies.

“Vickery is more than just a home for specific programs. We’ve designed additional spaces facilitating broader collaboration, group and individual study and academic support for all.” Vickery Hall’s first floor alone boasts a large conference room and newly renovated space that can support up to 25 students with individual study or group programming. This space includes two smaller study areas where four to six students can work or study together. During the day, these areas remain open to students and can be reserved at the front desk. By evening, the entire space is transformed to academic support programs.

The building’s second floor was renovated too, now housing the University Testing and Education Center (UTEC). This center supports the educational mission of the University by providing facility resources for academic groups and a centralized venue supporting proctored testing services for students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community. In addition to becoming a nationally certified testing center, the UTEC has several academic programming spaces.

ID check-in, an evening security guard and security cameras throughout the building add another level of security, providing our Clemson Students with a safe and productive place to learn and succeed.

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