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Professional development tips and resources from #CUStayConnected newsletter


The Office of Human Resources continues updating its weekly newsletter #CUStayConnected, which provides training, professional development, outreach and engagement resources for faculty and staff.

Debuting in April and inspired by the #CUStayConnected campaign created to bring Clemson students together, the newsletter is updated on a weekly basis every Monday at (http://media.clemson.edu/humanres/CUStayConnected.pdf). It is also shared through the Our Clemson Twitter account (@OurClemson). To receive the newsletter in your inbox, send a request to Human Resources at amstric@clemson.edu.

Here are some of the professional development and engagement resources shared from the latest issues of #CUStayConnected:


Video: How to use Microsoft Teams

Time Management Courses (Percipio)

The Art of Staying Focused (Percipio)

Professional Development:

What a Chess Grandmaster Can Teach You About Emotional Intelligence

Five Ways Smart People Sabotage Their Success

Three Ways to Stay Connected to Your Virtual Team

The Importance of a Happy Workplace

Five Habits to Develop Leadership to Employees


Article: 101 Back-to-School Tips for Parents and Kids


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