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Behavior influences purchase and consumption patterns, which often change when someone goes through a major life transition, whether it’s a new job, moving across the country or other significant events. Jennifer Siemens helps marketers and consumer advocates understand consumer experiences during major life transitions, how consumers might be vulnerable and what resources can help them. With an understanding of consumer behavior, Siemens conducts research benefitting consumer welfare and quality of life related to consumption.


With a background in marketing and psychology, and a special emphasis on consumer behavior, Siemens’ research takes the perspective of consumer welfare, consumer self-control or lack thereof and consumer-related public policy. Her area of expertise is transformative consumer research (TCR) in an effort to provide useful information that helps consumers better and transform their lives.

Recent research involves examining how consumer purchases and consumption changes in major life transitions, how consumers might be vulnerable and what resources can be provided to help them.

Her work touches several fields. In collaboration, she led students in qualitative research that has been used to transfer organizational knowledge from retiring baby boomers to Generation X to millennials coming into job positions for a global company. She has investigated internet gambling and its detriment to consumers who play, as well as the role of food and food brands during consumer life transitions. Additionally, her research includes the patient experience as a consumer in a health care setting.

She has presented at a number of international and national marketing conferences, and has been published in numerous marketing journals, including the “Journal of Advertising,” “Journal of Business and Behavioral Research,” “Journal of Interactive Marketing,” and “Journal of Public Policy and Marketing.”

Before joining Clemson in 2011, she was an associate professor of marketing at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. While there, she led a group of students to Asia for a six-week study abroad program.

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The goal is to have your work matter to someone. Whether it’s a company, or in the case of my TCR research, to affect some consumer somewhere, in some way, that is golden. That’s what I want.

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    • Transformative consumer research (TCR)
    • Consumer behavior, welfare and self-control
    • Consumer-related public policy
    • Customer/patient experience

    Degrees, Institutions

    • Ph.D. marketing, University of Arkansas
    • MBA marketing, University of Arkansas
    • B.A. psychology, University of Arkansas