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Office of Human Resources update; COLA, merit increase and remote work


Remote Work

The Office of Human Resources remains in conversation with the South Carolina Division of State Human Resources (DSHR) regarding remote work for state employees. While the University awaits updated regulations and guidance from DSHR, the Office of Human Resources has formed a remote work team to explore potential options for remote work at Clemson and prepare a recommendation to University leadership. This representative group of Clemson employees is collaborating to develop standards and resources to ensure any future remote work program could be implemented in a fair, consistent and intentional manner.

Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) and Potential Merit Increases

The University continues to closely monitor legislative developments related to the state of South Carolina’s budget for the 2021-22 fiscal year beginning July 1. As has been widely reported, a Cost of Living Increase (COLA) for eligible state employees is a component of both the House and Senate’s budget proposals. Once the state legislature passes a final bill and it is signed into law by the governor, University leadership will assess the bill and finalize an implementation plan for all relevant provisions. In addition, there will be a merit component for some employees. A formal announcement will be shared with all Clemson employees when the University’s implementation plan is complete.