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New online Staff Performance Management process to go LIVE on July 1


The Online Performance Management Team, led by the Office of Human Resources and comprised of members from across the University, has worked diligently over the last year to create a new online performance management process to replace the current paper-based form.

The new streamlined process includes an online Planning and Evaluation tool, automated workflow and electronic storage. The goal of the new process is to increase efficiency and effectiveness, reduce manual processing and increase collaboration between employees and supervisors throughout the performance management process.

The goal of performance management is to help employees maximize their performance potential and to engage managers in the success and growth of every employee. By removing the current obstacles, delays and manual processes, we can truly focus on the success and growth of our employees.

Michelle Cato, Director, Talent & Organizational Development

The new process will launch in three phases to correspond with the budget centers’ current performance period. Each group will GO LIVE at the beginning of their performance period enabling the tool to be used to establish plans for the new performance year.

All FTE staff and their supervisors will use the new process, however, all temporary (Temp, TLP or TGP) staff will continue to use their current forms and procedures

The Performance Management Team will contact each group prior to their specific launch date to provide them with the tools, training and support needed to implement the new process successfully. 

The phased-in approach of the new Staff Performance Management process.

Questions can be addressed by contacting Ask HR.