Healthy Clemson: United as Tigers – Exposure app now available for faculty and staff to download


Clemson University’s faculty and staff are invited to download and activate SC SAFER TOGETHER, an app designed to quickly notify individuals when a COVID-19 exposure has occurred. The mobile application is available for download on Google Play or the App Store.

As a new component of the Healthy Clemson: United as Tigers effort, SC SAFER TOGETHER provides automated, anonymous information about exposure risk. By taking advantage of this new technology, individuals can take responsibility for their personal health while helping keep the community safe.

SC SAFER TOGETHER, launched in collaboration with the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), Clemson and the Medical University of South Carolina, does not require personal information for use. Privacy-preserving Bluetooth quickly provides contacts with information about the frequency and intensity of exposures, empowering users to proactively measure their risks and take actions to safeguard their health.

When notified of a potential exposure, SC SAFER TOGETHER will provide steps to schedule a telehealth appointment, take a self-assessment or schedule a test.

For more information about how the app works, click here.

Downloading the app and participating in the pilot program will also assist a team of Clemson researchers by allowing them to understand the app’s adoption rate and impact on COVID-19 numbers on campus. Anonymous data will be used to understand how many downloads there are, its effects on the health care system and differences in exposure notification from traditional contact-tracing methods.

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