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Clemson’s undergraduate curriculum model receives Exemplary General Education Program Award


The Association for General and Liberal Studies (AGLS) — which celebrates higher education institutions significantly revising their general education curriculum — has recognized Clemson University with a 2023 Exemplary General Education Program Award. 

Recognizing Clemson’s newly updated Crossings curriculum, the University’s model has integrated students’ intellectual development with growth as thinkers and citizens while supporting and augmenting students’ major courses of study.  

This year’s AGLS selection committee comprised four judges, each experienced in program review and working with regional accrediting organizations. According to the committee, Clemson provided significant details behind creating Crossings and the new curriculum requirements. Additionally, key factors that supported the award recognition included consistent communication with students, including revised syllabi and a review process to ensure courses align with stated outcomes.

We are so pleased to be recognizing Clemson University this year.”

David DiMattio, editor of the AGLS Guide to Assessment and Program Review.

DiMattio cited the importance of vital institutional members who were actively involved and supported the transition to Crossings, including faculty, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Robert H. Jones, Associate Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Learning Sean Brittain, the General Education Committee and Sub-Committee members.  


The Crossings model provides the academic structure whereby skills, knowledge, and intellectual development acquired in the general education curriculum intersect with those in the major course of study. Additionally, theoretical knowledge, engaged learning, and practical applications combine for a robust student experience.

Crossings outlines three areas for the development of Clemson undergraduate students: Communication, Ways of Knowing, and engagement with Global Challenges.

Former Clemson General Education Committee Chair Bridget Trogden worked with committee members over the past several years revising the curriculum, including adding Global Challenges. The Global Challenges development area was created based on input from over 600 faculty, students, staff, and other stakeholders. 

For students, faculty, and employers, the ability to effectively think and communicate is always at the top of any desired professional skillset, and we proudly accept the 2023 Exemplary General Education Program Award on behalf of the University. It’s incredibly validating to be recognized for the work of many who raised educational expectations so we can continue to offer the No. 1 student experience at Clemson.”

Jeff Appling, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Office of Undergraduate Studies and acting chair, General education committee

Clemson was one of three universities honored with the award this year. The University of Northern Iowa and Virginia Tech also were selected as 2023 Exemplary General Education Program recipients

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