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Save this: Your guide to spotting misinformation in local, NC and US elections

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Fake Twitter accounts posing as Black Trump supporters appear, reach thousands, then vanish

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Clemson offers food safety for donated foods webinar

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Clemson researcher leads national effort to combat Armillaria root rot

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Clemson Debuts Advanced Composites Research Center

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Twitter banished the worst QAnon accounts. But more than 93,000 remain on the site, research shows

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Clemson University gets $4 million to expand virtual reality education program

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Flowers Are Changing Color in Response to Climate Change

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Election, vaccine uncertainty slow economic recovery in U.S.

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Commentary: 12 SC college presidents: Don’t end COVID measures too soon

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Clemson researchers developing technologies to improve agricultural water-use efficiency

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Clemson University professors ask: Can you spot the online troll?

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Clemson Corner: CU-ICAR’s second chapter

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Clemson rejoins forces with collaborative group to kick-start small grains program

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Clemson creates alliance for Appalachian nurses

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Self-driving cars will hit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in a landmark A.I. race

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Clemson researchers launch ‘Spot the Troll’ tool to fight social media disinformation

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Foreign trolls are trying to sway SC voters. 2 Clemson profs made a new game to spot them.

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As the real-estate market heats up, here’s how first-time buyers can keep their cool

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The Real Estate Market Is Hot. First-Time Buyers, Keep Your Cool

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Why Asparagus Makes Your Pee Smell Terrible

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Think before you share: Four tips and three tools for spotting a bot on social media

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Clemson study: Prescribed fire doesn’t hinder forests from producing clean water

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7 Hot Food Stocks to Buy for Tasty Returns

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CU scientists create batteries that could make it easier to explore Mars

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Twitter suspended dozens of accounts. But were they Russian? It’s hard to tell.

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Scientists Have Calculated a New Estimate for the Expansion Rate of the Universe by Using Gamma Rays

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The countdown begins: $1m prize for university team that wins autonomous vehicle race in 2021